Banks: Credit up another 31,500 Cr (INR 315 bln)

The fortnight ended December 16 data shows expansion in credit continues at much the same pace reaching INR 4.26 Tln or $82bln approx. having started a w-o-w uptrend since the last week of October. Deposits though shrunk by INR 365 bln, a large sum, even as Advance Tax payments for Ecember were due. Rates of

Will we lose the infrastructure push in the High interest rate world order?

Unlikely..the winning core team of the India Infrastructure story is resilient and used to challenges Though Indian operators do not have the habituated brand of global infrastructure giants and are getting preference from the government in financing as they have to use the $3 trillion infrastructure cheque to build India’s ports, power plants and many

Insurance Tweets (India) :: Midweek Dropzone

New players like Airtel and HSBC have been non-starters _TYY4less than 10 seconds ago from web Other players falling behind include quasi Asset management peddlers like ICICI Prudential and WL players like New York Life _TYY4half a minute ago from web LIC held 40% share in the new business in 2007 and 56% in 2009 _TYY42