Flash Crash on NSE: And the 59 trade “flash off” was the Pre Open session

  Update: My attributions to pre-open were based on the similarities to this all frequent event every day when the pre open routines works to a variation of +/- 30% over the last closing price. Also as ET Now reports, the cancelation of these trades is again in question because of the uniquely wedded Day

Currency Report – Rupee to sizzle to 48

  Ofcourse a coupl eof bank trading desks have been waiting for this moment and have pushed a 48 target for Fiscal 2013, but the long term trust and focus built on a tirade of FII participation in the World’s “only” market growing at above 5% and showing having likely bottowmed out is serving Rupee

India Morning Report: And the markets realise the “limited release” reform is severely limited

  The Epic reforms in Insurance and Pensions started off the day adversely affecting the existing Insurance plays from Max India to Bajaj Alliance and other likely as markets were still excessively optimistic of action despite temperin gof expectations over 6 months. The cleared Companies Bill ith a 2% PAT surprise “social tax” is unlikely