Bank Results Season: A critical look at PSU Bank results: The NPA Express

just got washed out here lost the hour’s work. Canara Bank profits of 7.75 B, Union Bank profits of 5.12 B and Central Bank of India profits of INR 3.36 B missed estimates. Canara Bank NIM is just 2.4%, Union Bank missed earnings by 30% and both carry NII of INR 18 B and in UBI case EPS is 9.8 on assets of 1.74T and 2.2Tln. Central Bank of India Loan assets are lower at 1.47 Tln despite deposits of INR 1.96 T whicle Canara Bank deposits are INR3.34 T and Advances on par with ICICI And PNB at INR 2.25Tln All three constituents of the Bank Nifty deserve to be booted out


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