Morning Trading Strategies – India July 20, 2012


Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Shock and Awe, what can one say. Markets opened deceptively lower and start from bottom of range on Friday. I think you can pick up a few Calls on the nifty and maybe not the banknifty but then banknifty is the stongest player in the series and next

MARUTI has picked up , may again be available at below 1100 Power stocks are an avoid. There is no definitive course for order backlog ridden and recession driven BHEL for new buys to 250 immediately, but after whipaws of the day it will be available at those same levels again

Today’s alrternate relief sections are sharply corrected even otherwise and TCS and BHARTIAIRTEL make good picks. Buy SBI when you see a nice rounded bottom,. i think 2150 is a good start to accumulate for a positional trade

ICICIBANK may not correct further from 945

A big thumbs down for HERO and DR REDDYs and a big thumbs up for COAL INDIA


Tata Research Development and Design Centre

Tata Research Development and Design Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





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