1 PM update ( As opposed to..)

Yes, buy long Nifty positions

No Mindtree will be available at better pricing/valuations. Infy is likely to break 2000. HDFC Bank 600 Calls are doing brisk business ( i think UBS/CS upgrade) 

RBS is shutting down cash equities desk as CIMB has to apply for fresh licenses etc and it dropped the sale from RBS

Sintex? Actually auto ancilliaries which have been busy accumulatin gin a bull market. I will keep me mum on the topic.

HCLTECH short still works if they not done with the market bottom ( No they not done ith the market bottom, no trade is a viable alternative this week)

Did you forget to add more IDFC? Diesel hike/Post election policy only outs

Buy Indusind/YesBank for tomorrow

Bank Nifty – i am betting 10800 Puts are blanked out by new levels in the upmove rush even if this whole week is whiled away 


One thought on “1 PM update ( As opposed to..)

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