Late Morning Trading Strategies: July 07, 2012

5300 is holding on the Nifty. The rupee has started coming up(down) to 53 levels. OrchidChem is still agood buy. We bought some BPCL futures as well. Jubilant Food i s a good pick for the Day. AxisBank move may come late in the afternoon. I personally expect the rupee back in the 54 fold in the course of the day

I am also now buying REC at 195 Levels, LIC Houysing and selling Adani Ports as expected. 

INFY and MINDTREE ill be correcting all day today and the markets are not choppy with even Puts sold holding their OI instead of put buying reducing OI as suspected yesterday afternoon

You cannot take the Rupee up and stocks down because there are no incoming Trillions into the Indian Economy, that will be releasedin OECD economies and spread around in equities in the weightages avauilable. Indiabulls are not increasing overnight after 20 years of a try for India and the Rupee will get stronger because the hot money is not welcome here and because of the few billions we get in Aviation and Retail before Banking sweeps aside other sectors in the infusion of Capital and investing interest from everyone around the world. Crude, but it needed be said as is


2 thoughts on “Late Morning Trading Strategies: July 07, 2012

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