Bulk Deals – LIC Housing a good Midcap buy

The LIC housing fin shares reporterd on Friday were a fund buy from the Muscat India fund along with M&M financial and DLF as portfolio buys. That’s 2.3 mln LIC Hsg, 0.5 mln M&M financial, 1.4 mln India infoline and 0.6 mln DLF Taib Securities Mauritius was a portfolio seller in each case and all mid caps surged though it just seems refashioning of the midcaps into a designated Bank Muscat India Fund by Taib Securities (M) or at best a Secondary sell down by Taib which bought these for the investing fund. 

Meanwhile Malaysian Khazanah followed its Singapore role models in exiting banks on a priftable tap out of Yes Bank for its entire 4.2 percent. The portfolio item got Khazanah a 250% exit price which makes buy in at nearly INR 135 ( are they making those new Rupee keyboard layouts in Windows 8) 


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