The Kingfisher diaries..

Vijay Mallya’s run of bad luck continues as the Airlines lost more than dozen aircraft on lease due to lease default . Th eproblem at kolkata Airport was triggered by its frreezing of Accounts by the It department for non payment of dues. While more than 80 have quit the airline, newspaper reports suggest that lack of TDS payments for employees have kept those that joined Indigo etc alli in the bad books of ITO, looking to recover back taxes as well.

The company would have been haemmorhaging aircraft on lease to the leasing company since the last two months even as the other half of its 64 plane fleet is stuck due to non availability of spares. The CEO Sanjay Aggarwal meets DGCA Chief EK Bharat Bhushan today

25 flights were canceled yesterday from Delhi Mumbai and Kolkata bringing matters to a head including three on India’s most revenue accretive Delhi Mumbai route. 34 plots quit yesterday (TOI)




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