Predilections – Our Faulty towers series ( Factoring the Indian Markets by beast )

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

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There are a lot of reasons we are having deeper cuts in the market daily, a 5% whipsaw on either side becoming very common. One of the first predilections we isolated was the NBFC trader and watcher ons angst with the constant over performancefrom the Financial sector.

Very frankly, almost half of our GDP coul d easily belong to Bankss and Financial Services and half of the remaining to other seervices stories, so our Bombay Club predeliction for manufacturing is still subservient to a largely bear or frustrated trader audience thence the whipsaws.

A Dominos foods , even though services was isolated by such a trader group in the market i believe, and thus also the aviation and the hotels story backers whio somehow cannot co exist with the banks and financial servicesp plays esp as in the branded domain, these sectors have just not enough going fo rthem compared to financials.

All our chosen Export hits also thus gravitate to the SME segments with mid cap Auto and Healthcare stories. A big gap nonetheless


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