India Morning Report: HDFC Bank can’t keep up pace of expectations, Markets cannot let go of the rally

Markets are headed to 7000 from here, double digit Earnings increase in good Indian companies helping the fast and even rerating of Indian markets after a stuck up score since 2004 The Bank Earnings season headliner is missing from our content factory this quarter but that is because of our personal time commitments. HDFC Bank

India Morning Report: The rest of the week is bullish again

Given Pfizer and US Authorities continuing crackdown on drugs from India ( Pfizers fake drugs lab featured Ranbaxy on Bloomberg yesterday, 100M users (see ET)  did not vote for Ranbaxy and founder Dilip Sangvi definitely has an uphill task trying to convert his $4 B revenue acquisition of Ranbaxy into a paying deal. The price

India Morning Report: IDFC gets a bank license, India goes to Polls, Sun buys Ranbaxy for $4B

Though the trend is no longer on the up and up, BS revealing that IT and Pharma earnings have reached 20% of India Inc scorecards in 2013, doubling in 3 years on the depreciation dragon that caused a 14% run on the rupee just in the December Quarter. Meanwhile the Rupee is ratcheting back to