India Morning Report: Energy Cos, FMCG follow into the bull segment in January

The news of breaking thru to better levels in the next segment have started crystallising on expiry day as OMCs and  Tata Global catch up while Aurobindo is a strong candidate to become the trader sentiment fundng stock as it battles the challenges from a local branch of the US FDA in its new avatar(US

India Morning Report: Week opens on a buoyant note

India Morning Report: Week opens on a buoyant note Despite the run on BOB due to the herewarned jump in NPAs at BOB  and AllBank, the correction in others tracing the trend in BOB like SBI and Axis Bank are unlikely to fall through and banks like ICICI Bank and Yes Bank are likely to be strong

India Morning Report: Is that the big breakthrough to All time highs?

Questions of consolidation have changed to ways of finnagling the new target for Nifty though Domestic institutions keep selling as on Tuesday and not many found reason to miss the India Morning Report yesterdayas we probably cowered by the repeating of underperforming by ICICI Bank to expectations today decided to skip the report 9 strictly

Bank Results Season (India Earnings): ICICI Bank flashes positivity for a Nifty re-rating

While not beating expectations, ICICI Bank’s improving fortunes, better retail traction and control on NPAs seem to have paid off for it to score the #2 bank in the country soon aheadof PNB and HDFC Bank (Pvt sector)  with NII coming to INR 37 bln in the quarter and Other income INR 22 bln (standalone)

India Morning Report: Value breakdown continues to reassign Nifty weights, banks in trouble

Of course Banknifty still has another 1000 points to go but the ramp down in PSU banks comes at a price for ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank specifically and PNB’s rise similarly would cost the markets more understanding for the non performing PSU Bank portfolio that will also rise, PNB having no real score on

Bank Results Season: A critical look at PSU Bank results >> Dena, Karnataka, PNB and BOB

  The sector reported in unison on Friday and bad debts rose to an average of 3-4% at most banks that reported. However, first the two profitable ones that improved results, then prioritising the big ones BOB and PNB that have sizable profitability and asset advantages and then the rash of CBI, UBI and others.

Morning Trading Strategies – India July 30, 2012

  ICICI BANK And IDFC start trending down when the exodus becomes clear in the coming weeks esp after the GDP data.  TILL THEN ICICI BANK may actually reach never before highs with ITC ITC results up 20% were an eye opener after they showed up plateauing on consumer brand sales in Q4 data Consumer brands

Morning Trading Strategies – India June 28, 2012

Expiry Thursday means buying would not have picked up in July series and some are not quasi currency forwards for a change. IDFC Calls at 160 levels for example are cheap and buying should be done today and yesterday. Those avoiding options can sget into July series infrastructure futures in ICICI Bank and IDFC, ICICI Bank looking

Foreign Banks in India: DBS grows its #3 market to $4.7 bln

Image via Wikipedia Foreign Banks in India: DBS grows its #3 market to $4.7 bln DBS assets in India grew to INR 237 bln according to results discussed by CEO Piyush Gupta and reported in ET. The bank is hoping that subsidiarisation nod from the RBI will come with better branch infrastrcture hopes for the

Bank results season : ICICI Bank begets the vote of confidence, PNB grows NPAs

ICICI Bank Deposits are now INR 2.7 Tln and only 101% of advances against the expected 125% or the ideal 130% As a proportion of the $ 95 bln balance sheet they are tracking and only 65% are retail deposits That means the NIMs are overoptimised and s and when ext borrowings are added to

India Earnings Season: Is PNB a one quarter phenomenon? (PNB Q2 FY2012, H1 2012)

PSU Banks deal a blow  PNB , Punjab National Bank followed with great results after IOB, UBI and others excl Canara reported great sales upmoves yesterday limiting growth in NPAs at the gross and net level. PNB reported a NII of almost $ 700 mln at INR 3454 crores or INR 34.54 bln to post

Banks look for Fee Income push (India Earnings Season)

Despite paltry box office pickings of just Rs 1300 Crores for the Corporate Finance teams, private sector banks are set to make a profitable killing for the quarter’s results led by Investment based products, bancassurance and commercial banking charges on Trade and retail customers. The kicker is almost 40-50% for Private Banks like Kotak and

The public bank conundrum: PNB to pay dearly for results?

An aggressive competitor trying to leverage its balance sheet assets, PNB also works with the retail consumer at top of mind recall, running to raise deposit rates ahead of the herd and change its public colors to something more acceptable as a competitive player without investing in expensive ( maybe pro bon) marketing / rebranding