India Morning Report: Markets rest at new record levels, Banks catch fire

Except of course, Bank of Baroda and Bank of India, the PSU Banks who along with All Bank are in front of the NPA tether and are likely to again underperform in results announcements today undermining the market’s expectations with a definite taste of the macabre doing the paperwork accounting for to decades of profligate

India Morning Report: Banks earnings, GDP scares markets despite inflows

The longer term investors can finally see the difference between potential and fact in India inc but are unlikely to leave in light of the comparative advantage India still holds, while trading flows may well continue to come back to India at 5900-5950 levels as markets bother with important questions across Bank earnings disaster spilling

India Morning Report : Rally snarled by a lack of fundamental strength (seen earlier)

Though the Indian growth rate will be beyond the reach of most emerging markets and outside the projected future rates for any OECD countries, the growth in GDP below 5% and the return of food inflation is scotching confidence in the markets as it waits on edge for  the Tapering news to go by and

India Morning Report: Weekend results from Cipla, Sun, vs the ultimate low for india’s production statistics

  July and August data that comes in the next few weeks could make the data for June and an almost negative IIp at the cus p of the biggest Rupee depreciation move since May 22 seem like next to nothing in comparison as Services crash in on the devolved growth mandate and curbs on

Morning Trading Strategies (addendum to India Morning Report) : Shortson IDFC and LIC Housing seem…

Yesterday’s move up was a defining one and is likely to be bet dowwn in today’s reaction. Also, infra is likely to be rated down as Election year approaches and India inc battles with inflation. However shorts on larger movers like LIC Housing and IDFC are unlikely to give more than the required minimum in

India Morning Report: At least having followers ensure you don’t get to listen to sermons on Destroyed Value from rising indices

No one would have thought that Oil short targets would again appear at only above Rs 5150. In fact copper watchers and other commodity watchers would also aver the current bullish cycle in the doctor of metals and the rest of them are also tentative with global pricies still moving up only to $3.67 a

India Morning Report: Markets dodge the overvaluation scare with timed tears in the market fabric

  It could still be a time to buy.. Ofcourse anysuch big move like the inflow of INR49.50 B in September would cause the 6000 target to be completed in December on the Nifty. The time to buy stems from recent well timed correctionss bringing up time to fill the tears in India’s struggling and

Morning Trading Strategies – India June 27, 2012

Currency markets expiry does not usually bring much volatility as the markets inherently trade in forwards and futures. However the dollar is poised to hit 56.50 today as the Rupee’s fortunes take over petty benchmarking to a Dollar index fed by the weakening Euro. The Dollar index is itself down despite the Euro weakening as

Healthcare remains free – 100% FDI

India’s Pharma market is a paltry INR 565 bln currently, Just cardiovasculars and diabetics constituting less than $ 2 bln each across a universe of global MNCs and Indian diaspora supplying generics globally. In a nation of 120 bln people or 25 bln households, 10 bln households of which are below the poverty line, it

Predilections: PSUs represent the mass of the resource economy

The redesign of the sensex is still due but two important changes are taking place in the 30 share Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive index. The PSU Coal India and not infra major IDFC entering the indices for its larger market capitalisation and consistent trade volumes. IDFC thus has more PSU ‘proxies’ for those believeing the