India Morning report: This week in history of 2050: The sun rises on the east India Company in Asia

With half-hearted restrictions on Dollar flows talking of Capital controls and engendering a Rupee ‘addition’ to the value of the Dollar and European Banks getting free after a couple of years in Capital wilderness, India could be a bigger part of Asia when Banks get into a new bout of short term credit , not

India Economic Upgrade destroyed in time for a questionable “manufacturing revolution”!!

The Indian Services GDP is probably in threat as India loses its leadership of the incipient global Services sector growth, where it now enjoys a barely positive PMI at 52 after a big slide from 54 in October and instead the remaining almost vestigial 18% of Indian GDP that is manufacturing has taken pride of

Pay me my VIX – India Morning Report ( Monday Pre Market Open 03/06)

Though the SGX Nifty has factored in all weekend heebie jeebies into the opening price, the increase in Volatility on Friday to 26-27 would indicate a likely rush to reach the “ultimate bottom” and shorts on Nifty seem to be controlled and careful while the buyers have been out in full strength at these prices

The India IIP Report (February 2012)

Capital Goods production came at 10.6% , Electricity came at 8% but Composite IIP came at 4.1% up from less than 2% in January(1.14%) with Manufacturing at 4% overall. IIP is still at the lower end of the possible range. Janiary was revised down from 6.8% on sugar production data Capital Goods and Electricity are

So are P Notes in or out

Well, i understood it thus. There were first the Anti avoidance rules called the GAAr rules which were intended to catch those who benefit from the treaty in Mauritius without belonging to Mauritius per se , with a token presence not backed by assets or business i.e. Offshore investors. These offshore investors have been targeted.

Looking for a Used Car market in India?

The used car market in India has matured in the last two decades with ready company owned used car operations  from Hyundai, local franschised multi store (warehouse) operators like Classic Cars and even multi brand all purpose car repair chains from Carnation. The current story in the papers of course is the DNA money story

Lesser Deals but good PE Deals and Exits

2011 was as much about making business happen as any other year despite deal business going down by 30% to $460 mln in the year in India and as usual we had a consultant reporting on growth from the India corneer of the world in Investment Banking as global focus shifts to fee adviisory business.

The Unemployment Economy – India’s coming talent squeeze

India’s asynchronous naure withthe global Economy has more or less been locked in by a past generation’s ascendancy to the senior positions. Even in my colleagues (peers) I would find the unemployable having stuck to their positions and holding positions of influence in the few MNC corporations and global consultants that are India-centric in one

Happy Thursdays! Foodies dismayed..Primary Articles shooting big pool

In the vein of serious statistics collected and regrouped by the nations Economists, here is the latest symptom of the double digit interest rate infection..With global commodities holding,raw material inputs keep moving up higher as Primary Articles for WPI inflation crossed 12.5%. Food group ran up 100 points from 8.06% to 9.02% while fuel is

Predilections – Our Faulty towers series ( Factoring the Indian Markets by beast )

There are a lot of reasons we are having deeper cuts in the market daily, a 5% whipsaw on either side becoming very common. One of the first predilections we isolated was the NBFC trader and watcher ons angst with the constant over performancefrom the Financial sector. Very frankly, almost half of our GDP coul

Will we lose the infrastructure push in the High interest rate world order?

Unlikely..the winning core team of the India Infrastructure story is resilient and used to challenges Though Indian operators do not have the habituated brand of global infrastructure giants and are getting preference from the government in financing as they have to use the $3 trillion infrastructure cheque to build India’s ports, power plants and many